Ladies night  at Booze Garden

Ladies night

Girls, leave your boyfriends at home and come enjoy some drinks on us. The sexiest bartenders will serve you all night and make sur all of your desires are met. Come early, leave late. See you at Booze.

Questions & Answers about Ladies Night at Booze Garden

What time does Booze Garden open this Thursday?

Booze Garden opens at this Thursday.

How should I dress for Ladies night at Booze Garden

The dresscode for this event is Open.

Where can I see previous photos for this event at Booze Garden

Click here to see Booze Garden photos.

What kind of music do they play at Booze Garden on Thursday?

They play General music.

How old do I have to be to party at Booze Garden

You must be at least 21+ years old to party at Booze Garden.

How do I get on VIP guest list for this event at Booze Garden

It’s easy. Just click on RSVP button on this page and fill out the form.