The story goes, the owners of Mynt had a fall out, and that paved the road to the opening of Mokai. The second ultra exclusive lounge in South Beach. From the very start, Mokai was determined to dethrone Mynt as the most exclusive lounge in Miami. With its elegant decor, tight door policy and who' who staff, they gave Mynt a run for their money for a about a year. There are countless stories about the celebrity sitings and their misbehavior. But after a valiant effort, their policies and snub personalities proved to be offensive and disliked by the South Beach club goers. Unlike Mynt, where club-goers will put up with just about anything from the staff as long as they are let in, at Mokai club-goers were turned off by the same antics. They closed their doors after a successful run, but surely disappointing to the owners who left Mynt for this venture. It was bought out by The Opium Group (like every other venue in South Beach, right?) and it opened its doors again under the same name. However, its now ran as the step child, or the Jan Brady of the bunch. The Opium Group concentrates more efforts into their own brands set and Louis, leaving the left overs for Mokai.